Bio Info

I first started photographing about 20 years ago with a Minolta Maxuum and developed my images in my darkroom. As I own a construction business with my wife for over 39 years, the time needed to work in the darkroom became shorter and shorter and photography was put on the back burner. When Canon made the 40D I was re energized and purchased all new equipment and realized how Photoshop was much easier than working in the darkroom. I'm still deciding what my photographic interests will finally become, but right now I'm enjoying all genres. I am married for 35 years and have a 31 year old son who is an attorney and who recently married and a 29 year old daughter who is working in our company and is married.

My wife Shara and I love traveling in our motorhome and look forward to expanding our interests in photography. Enjoy my work and feel free to comment!