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from Donna Jonas In the beginning.....

From the dark room to the light. Inspirational photographs. I'm glad I was there from the beginning to see the transformation.

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on February 26, 2012
 Photozgran - Great Job. We knew that you had many prize weinnrs. Now you have proved it. Loved the last family shot with the little girls in red. Another winner. Keep those eyes open, there will be many more GREAT pictures before spring. Love you. Previous Response:
on February 28, 2012
 Yes the B-52 is still in sriceve.. and yes there is better tech in bombers now.. the B-1b & B2 the B2 carries about 50,000lbs of ordonance, the B-1b Lancer will carry more at 75,000lbs internally, and upto 50,000lbs on 6 external stations, but the b52 still has a longer combat radius than the b1, and there are only 20 B2s in the inventory so they are high value assets 

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